Teff, a real secret tip of ours, originates in Southern Africa. Whether as flour or as grain, this tiny grass seed is the perfect proof that small sometimes means great. Teff is a genuine marvel in terms of fibre — 100g covers almost your entire daily requirement of 30g! As well as high-quality proteins, teff also provides a lot of magnesium, iron and calcium, alongside various vitamins and minerals. In terms of size, 150 grains of teff equate to the size of one kernel of wheat! This grain is well on its way to becoming a superfood with us. It is cultivated naturally using an organic and pesticide-free process in Ethiopia, where it is used to produce unleavened bread or beer, among other things. It has a slightly sweet taste with a pleasantly nutty quality. The Latin name for teff is “Eragrostis”, which freely translated means “love grass”. Presumably, a great deal of love is spread during cultivation, growth and harvesting. Exciting, isn’t it?

White teff grain
White teff flour
Brown teff grain
Brown teff flour
Ivory teff grain
Ivory teff flour
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