Cipriani Food & Drinks - Luxury in simplicity!

The history of Cipriani stretches back a long way. Harry’s Bar was founded in Venice in 1931 by Giuseppe Cipriani Sr. and has since become an institution in the lagoon city and one of the most renowned restaurants in the world.

The Cipriani brand portfolio now includes a large range of food and drinks, numerous restaurants, hotels, clubs and lounges, as well as serviced residences. The majority of the food and drinks range is exported directly from Italy to the Cipriani establishments by the producer and served there. This guarantees the incomparable Cipriani quality throughout the world.

Cipriani stands for the luxury of simplicity and excellence with respect to taste and quality. All products from the Cipriani portfolio are produced in Italy using traditional original recipes and from there find their way onto plates around the world – a hint of Venice and the flair of Harry’s Bar bring the Cipriani lifestyle to your own four walls.

Virgin Bellini
Tonic Waters
Amaro 7 Parti artichoke liqueur
Eggpasta original and spinach
Pasta bio
Pesto and tomatosauces
Risotto Carnaroli
Aceto and extra vergine olive oil
Panettone hand wrapped
Gelato chocolate, vanille and sorbet virgin bellini
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