Onions from Eurocebollas

Onions are essential on numerous occasions, but in industrial operations they can be associated with a level of cost and time of which people are unaware. Diced onion from Spain, stewed in its own juice or in native olive oil offers various improvements — with respect to handling but also from a financial perspective.

Eurocebollas onions are fresh from the field and are peeled, diced, lightly stewed and put in packets ready for use. None of their flavour is lost in the process. What’s more, their use in production offers various benefits as they: save time and costs due to the elimination of numerous work processes, are available in various piece sizes and so suitable for all uses, are lightly braised in their own juice or in native olive oil, offer an optimised price-performance ratio in comparison with frozen alternatives, and have a long life that makes planning easier, etc.

Natural onions
Natural onions in strips
Pureed onions
Pickled onions
Cooked onions
Onion chutney
Caramelised onions
IQF deep-fried onions
Onion sofrito with garlic
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