Ella's Kitchen – great baby food for our little darlings

A healthy and mindful diet for Ella and her little one inspired dad Paul to develop the products for Ella’s Kitchen. Children should be able to develop a responsible attitude to food, in a carefree, happy and enjoyable way.

Ella’s Kitchen not only produces uniquely tasty food, but is also involved in many projects and campaigns so that future generations can grow up in an intact and happy world. Topics such as the environment, animal welfare, ingredients, etc., are all part of the day to day work.

What are the top priorities for Ella’s Kitchen?
- Using only baby-friendly fruit and vegetables
- No additives
- Vegetarian
- EU certified organic
- Gluten free, depending on the type
- Only the best partners are selected as suppliers.

With baby food from Ella’s kitchen you are offering your little ones: 100% organic + and lots of fun!
Ella's Kitchen strawberries + apples organic 120 g
Ella's Kitchen bananas + coconut organic 120 g
Ella's Kitchen blueberries apples banana + vanilla organic 120 g
Ella's Kitchen sweet potatoes pumpkin apples + blueberries organic 120 g
Ella's Kitchen mangoes pears + papayas organic 120 g
Ella's Kitchen the Red one organic 5*90 g
Ella's Kitchen strawberry + banana maize puffs organic 20 g
Ella's Kitchen carrot + parsnip maize puffs organic 20 g
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